Valerie Kitchen has been teaching fitness for 47 years in the Bangor area and does not plan to stop til she drops. She started at the YWCA in 1970 under the direction of Nancy Savage. Living in Bangor her whole life except for a year in Salem, New Hampshire, Val came home and opened a fitness Studio at the YWCA. She taught at the YWCA and the YMCA for 30 years, trained with Bonnie Prudden in the 70’s and Ken Cooper from the Cooper Institute in the 80’s. She also trained in Princeton, New Jersey with a leading instructor in Swedish gymnastics. Val took lessons from the great instructors at River City Dance learning ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance from Kelly Holyoke, Tom McGary, Keith and Maureen Robinson and Lauren Lynn.

For the past 16 years Val has trained in Pilates at the Northeast Pilates Center. She is certified in all equipment and mat classes, zenga, and barre. Most recently Val trained in fascia fitness and has done extensive yoga training.

Val attended Husson College and raised 2 great children, Heather and Aaron.

Val Kitchen