Barre conditioning is a challenging yet non-impact fitness class designed to produce lean, sculpted, and toned bodies. Along with diet and exercise this can promote good health.

Fascia Fitness

When you train your body, your body and muscles respond, but your fascia responds as well. Your fascia, which is an extracellular matrix of fibers, “glue” and water between all your cells, responds to training and becomes stronger, more elastic, more communicative, more stretchy, and generally more capable. This class uses rollers, small balls, TRX Suspension Training, and rubber bands to improve your fascia.

Mat Class

Mat is Pilates done on the floor. Pilates incorporates modern theories of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation involving the following biomechanical principles:breathing, pelvic placement, rib cage placement, scapular movement and stabilization, head and cervical placement. Practicing Pilates on a regular basis improves many areas of life. In Mat Classes we use: Light Weights, Magic Circles, Arc Barrels, Flex Bands, Foam Rollers, Large Balls, Stability Cushions, Ladder Barrels.

Weight loss is encouraged and helped with this method of exercise.

Personal Training

Bangor Pilates provides a safe environment to help you focus on techniques and fluid movement to help reduce the risk of injuries. Together we will create a complete individual work out geared toward specific needs for your body type. Safety is key along with good coaching and encouragement.


At Bangor Pilates we use a reformer exercise machine to target specific muscle groups. It is one of the challenging and intense workouts that you will find in the Bangor area.

Stability Chair

Our stability chair focuses on strengthening and conditioning lower and upper parts of your body. This is an important part of the Pilates workout regimen.

Yoga Fit

This class combines a full-body workout with hand weights/resistance bands and a variety of yoga postures and flowing sequences to strengthen the upper and lower body. This class aims for a safe and effective workout and beginning to intermediate participants can expect increased strength and flexibility, improved posture, and a sense of well-being in this yoga class “for every body.” This fitness-based yoga class also includes balance postures and core work as well as deep stretches and final relaxation.